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Artificial Grass Liverpool

At MCK Flooring we pride ourselves in being one of the leaders in high-quality artificial grass Liverpool. We provide a professional and personal service that supplies domestic consumers, landscapers and retail sectors with the high standard of products at the very lowest costs. As leading artificial grass fitters Liverpool, our diverse collection of synthetic grass is suitable for a range of different surfaces, transforming any outdoor or indoor space into an extremely low maintenance area whilst looking effective, well maintained and contemporary all year round. Whether it is the complete start to finish process you require including all the planning, groundwork and installation phases we are more than happy to help.

If you would love to use MCK Flooring for supply only we allow you to take your new turf away the same day, or make use of our delivery services we your ease and comfort. MCK Flooring have an extensive range of grass to choose from. Different densities, textures and colours, ensure that there is the perfect solution for absolutely everyone, no matter your taste, design or budget. Whichever option of artificial grass you choose, each type is extremely realistic, perfect for pets and children, and those spaces that you wish to keep mud, mess and maintenance to an absolute minimum.

Artificial grass Liverpool will eliminate all your gardening worries and eliminate the hassle that a real garden comes with. More and more people are opting for artificial alternatives throughout their home due to looking ultra-realistic, feeling soft underfoot and being highly durable during all weather conditions. Not only is artificial grass Liverpool child and pet-friendly, but it is also economical and can often add value on to your home. Installing artificial grass is an investment that adds appeal to your property. To give you extra peace of mind, all of our artificial grass comes with a 10-year warranty. Our durable artificial grass is designed to withstand regular use, even throughout areas of heavy usage.

Why choose artificial grass? If you want to make life easier for yourself, particularly when it comes to maintaining your home, then you must consider artificial grass installation. Here are some of the biggest advantages of switching to artificial grass.

1) Reduce your water bills – During the warmer, drier summer months real turf tends to get yellow and slightly crisp under foot due to the rise in temperature and lack of rain. In order to keep your garden looking lush and green throughout every season a lot of water is required which is expensive. Watering a whole garden, front or back, is not very cost effective, and you will find yourself spending an extortionate amount on your water bill. Research states that you could enjoy savings of up to 70% on your water bills if you opt for artificial grass in your home. Therefore, choose us as your artificial grass suppliers Liverpool to achieve your luscious lawn all year round, without spending over the odds to keep your garden looking the way it should.

2) Lower maintenance – Once we have completed your artificial grass installation Liverpool, you can ditch your mower and forget about watering, weeding, fertilising and mowing your lawn. The only general maintenance that is required of you is to clear off occasional leaves, particularly during Autumn, and give it a little brush to keep it looking its best.

3) Good for tenants and landlords – Living in a rented property with natural grass can start differences between tenants and landlords. Tenants may worry about their water costs due to mowing a lawn they technically don’t own, and as a landlord, you want the garden to be kept in good condition. Choosing cheap artificial grass Liverpool is the best solution for both parties to be happy.

4) Small, shaded areas – Real turf placed throughout shaded areas tend to become brown and covered in moss due to being in a dark and damp environment. As real grass needs direct sunlight in order to look its best, artificial grass is a better alternative as it doesn’t require any specific weather conditions to keep it looking green and healthy all year round.

5) Unoccupied property – For properties that are regularly unoccupied for long periods of time, artificial grass Wirral is the perfect option. Whether you enjoy frequent holidays or are thinking of installing artificial grass in your holiday home, artificial grass cuts out the responsibility that comes with real turf, meaning your grass will look as aesthetically pleasing as the last time you left it.

What’s the process?

1) Call into our Birkenhead showroom or contact us via our website or phone to take advantage of our free estimation service. At an arranged time, an estimator will come to your chosen address to measure up, devise a plan, and estimate an artificial grass cost to supply and install.

2) With expert advice on hand, you are guaranteed to choose the grass that best suits your needs, taking both your budget and lifestyle into account.

3) Following a detailed plan, MCK Flooring will perform the necessary preparation before installation.

4) The first phase of the artificial grass installation will consist of stripping out old grass, weeds and vegetation etc and ensuring your land is level before laying your new artificial grass.

5) The grass will be laid and fitted by our specialist team of artificial grass fitters Liverpool.

6) Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new grass, whatever the weather.

Maintenance Requirements

While artificial grass does require low levels of maintenance, it is still considerably less than real turf. Artificial grass will need the occasional sweep to brush off any fallen leaves, and stop them settling on the surface. Another cleaning tip we suggest is to wash the surface of your new turf with a hose and brush occasionally. This will prevent mud and dirt collecting on the surface which can be detrimental for grass if it isn’t cleaned frequently.

Why should you choose us?

Each job is specifically tailored with you in mind and we take an individual approach using the highest quality grade materials available. If you are looking for artificial grass suppliers Liverpool, MCK Flooring are constantly striving to ensure each personal query is met with proficiency, confidence and fine attention to detail. We look forward to hearing from you regarding any queries you may have.