Stain resistant, versatile, durable and hardwearing, what more could you want? If you are looking for a flooring that requires minimal effort and cleaning then vinyl is definitely for you.

This flooring is a perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom that may be exposed to spillages as its water resistant qualities make it a welcomed addition to any home. Due to its heavy duty qualities, vinyl flooring is water resistant, as well as being easy to clean and wipe down. Forget fears of water damage as this anti-slip flooring caters to all your household needs.

The colours, designs and effects of different vinyls are endless. One of the most popular vinyl designs is the ceramic tile effect. This is an excellent choice as it gives the appearance of ceramic tile without the hard-cold feeling on your feet, it also cuts the cost that comes with the lengthy installation process of ceramic tiles.

So why choose Vinyl with us?

Vinyl flooring has risen in popularity over recent years as it has become a major flooring trendsetter, not to mention its strong mixture of desirable characteristics.

1. Moisture Resistant – Vinyl is entirely waterproof which is why it has become so common throughout kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Although it can be used virtually anywhere inside your home or office to create an ultra-modern, sleek finish.

2. Versatile – Vinyl is never ending and comes in a diverse range of colours and patterns to suit every interior. Faux timber vinyl floors are becoming more popular to create a real wood effect, which makes your space feel extra homely.

3. Quick and hassle-free installation – We love fitting vinyl here at MCK Flooring and we are certain you will love the finished look. Vinyl comes in 2m, 3m and 4m width therefore you will minimise the cost of any waste giving you the best value for your money.

4. Durability – Vinyl is incredibly forgiving and is a type of flooring that will be part of your home or office in tens of years down the line. Providing this is installed correctly and well maintained you really cannot go far wrong. All types of vinyl are incredibly hard wearing and guarantee a long life, even in areas where traffic is high.

5. Stain Resistant – Vinyl can be easily maintained, as any dirt can be easily swept, vacuumed or mopped away when required.

6. Comfortable Underfoot – Unlike many other types of hard flooring, vinyl does not get cold underfoot which creates a fantastic option to provide comfort throughout your home all year round.

There are many different types of vinyl to choose from so whether you are visiting our showroom or making use of our FREE home selection service, one of our friendly team can assist you in the process of choosing the vinyl that best suits your needs.

At MCK Flooring we stock a wide range of vinyl in our warehouses this allows us to give you the best possible price and a huge range to choose from. No matter the colour, style, effect or design you’re looking for, we have the vinyl for you.